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Island Inspired is a series of artworks created by Francoise drawing inspiration from her urban islander life. Fascinated by the play of light on plants, on the water and aquatic life of Hammond Island (Torres Strait Islands) she has captured some of the beautiful colours that come with living in the islands. If you appreciate beach and coastal themes, colours and textures you will love the designs of Island Inspired.

The artworks have been adapted into repeat designs for various interior and architectural applications limited only by your imagination. The designs are also available for use through licence agreements with Indij Design.

A selection of Island Inspired Collection prints are available as scarves. Please visit to find where you can buy or just call or email Francoise.

Indij Prints fabrics and wallpapers are available for purchase through Indij Design on a supply to meet demand basis. Samples are available at a small cost. Please contact Francoise or Andrew for further information.

Sardines Under the Wharf

sardines under the wharf

This piece is inspired by sardine schools known to congregate under the wharf on Hammond Island, in the Torres Strait Islands. The artwork is a simplified representation of the pattern the sardine school makes under the wharf. The colour ways available are Sardine Blue, Sardine Sunset and Sardine Sunrise. Sardines under the Wharf are available for purchase in:

  • Bespoke ‘Sardines under the Wharf’ Blue handcrafted and varnished wallpaper produced by Porter’s Wallpaper. The repeat design has been adjusted to match Porter’s Paints Colours with the addition of pearlescent silver and light silver to imitate the play of light reflections in the sardines. Price $220 roll +GST. Available now.

  • Momo fabric a synthetic blend suitable for sheer curtaining. POA.

The story behind ‘Sardines under the Wharf”

The sardines are used by the islanders as live bait on a hand line after being jigged. The wharf sits in a deep cut out to the reef making an ideal deep water fishing spot. On a family fishing expedition at the wharf my son (who was 3 years old at the time) caught a sardine on a line. He made friends with the sardine and decided to keep him safe in his pocket. It was a couple of hours later that we discovered and met his new friend. ‘Sardines under the Wharf’ as a concept was developed to preserve the special memory I have of my son and his aquatic (and slightly smelly) friend.

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Glam Clams

glam clams

These majestic shells can sit on the sandy sea floor or on the edges of a coral reef in various sizes. The pearlescent inner shell and royal blue and purple hues are striking elements under the water. Enjoy the colours and patterns captured in this print series.

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