Indij Photography

Andrew has had a long standing interest in photography. Whether seeing beauty in the detail or capturing the vast panoramic vistas offered by the Australian outback, photography allows us to document, to ponder and to reflect. Andrew has a modest collection of film and digital cameras from 35mm rangefinders to 120 TLRs to a large format 5” x 7” camera. Andrew has had his photographs published on magazine covers and for accompaniment in magazine articles such as Architecture Australia. Andrew was a finalist in the 2014 Australian Institute of Architects ‘Shoot the Architect’ portrait competition with his work titled “What is Green Architecture”. The work featured Cairns architects Shaneen Fantin and Belinda Allwood.

Just as Indij Design as a company has a passion for design beyond architecture and interior design, Andrew has an interest in photography beyond the genre of architecture. This is reflected in the miscellany of examples shown here from architectural to landscape to images that are aesthetically interesting and pleasing. Andrew is sure that the desire to visit some of the world’s most famous buildings is in part due to the photography he has seen over the years that highlights these buildings. When Andrew does architectural photography he is always looking for that iconic shot that will be forever identified with that building.