About Us

Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane
Architect/Project Manager

0429 576 659

Andrew is one of only a few aboriginal architects registered in Australia. Andrew brings a unique mix of technical skills and cultural knowledge based on his own indigenous background and working experience as an architect/project manager since 1992.

Francoise Lane
Francoise Lane
Interior Designer

0429 588 833

Francoise graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Built Environment (Interior design) in 1995. She has an ability to draw from people their ideas, plans and motivations which proves valuable in the critical brief development stage. Francoise Lane is a Torres Strait Islander woman whose maternal family are from Hammond Island.

Our Inspiration

“Well this is what you have trained to do,” said Jordan.

Indij Design was established in 2011 by Directors Andrew and Francoise. Andrew worked for others and Francoise worked independently when on a family Christmas holiday they paused to talk about their aspirations and dreams. They had spoken about starting a design practice back in the late 90’s. Now they had the experience, desire and passion to begin an architectural and interior design practice. This decision was made with the involvement of our three delightful children. Our oldest child who was 14 years old at the time simply said “Well it makes sense…this is what you have trained to do.”


Our Business

We are a 100% indigenous owned architectural and interior design practice based in Gordonvale, Queensland. Indij Design provides architectural, interior design and community engagement services for built environment projects in regional, rural and remote communities. We focus on client needs now and for the future and aim to “bring people and design together”. We encourage our clients to take a fresh look at their project needs through the brief development stage. This same approach led Indij Design to diversify our services to include artwork and designs that can be applied to architectural products and interiors.

Andrew Lane is a registered architect and qualified project manager. Francoise Lane is a qualified interior designer. We offer:

  • Architectural and interior design services for commercial, educational, retail and residential projects;
  • Indigenous consultation and engagement services for organisations seeking to explore and incorporate cultural imperatives for translation into the built environment of a project;
  • Indij Design bespoke textile and wallpaper designs;
  • Logo development and corporate identity embedding in built design;
  • Architectural photography; and
  • Project management services.

You can view examples of projects in the Indij Design project gallery.