Our Business Philosophy

Our philosophy and image of the turtle in our logo are very closely related. The sea turtle will rise from the depths of the ocean to break the surface of the sea to breathe fresh air before plunging back to face the depths. We took this analogy as a life approach personally and to our business; that we would regularly surface from our work to take a fresh look at the direction in which we want to take our lives and our business. And then do it.

It is a philosophy that we extend to our clients and apply to our projects.

Indij Design is based in Gordonvale, 20km south of Cairns, Queensland.


Our Philosophy on Indigenous Architecture

We believe the way forward in promoting indigenous architecture is through:

  • Indigenous designers sharing knowledge on approaches to incorporating cultural imperatives that represent traditional owners/custodians and the urban indigenous in public design projects which enhances design outcomes.
  • The incorporation of indigenous historical and contemporary architecture in Australian Architecture Schools through architectural history, social subjects and design subject projects.
  • Keeping open dialogue on indigenous architecture with Government policy makers and service providers, educational institutions, architects and designers on the ground and, most importantly, the end users of the built form. A practical example was the Whichway Housing Conference hosted by the Australian Institute of Architects in 2007.
  • Demonstrating cultural appropriate behaviours through indigenous engagement sessions with a shared learning attitude between indigenous and non-indigenous participants.